Are you able to swap tires or hook your car battery with jumper leads to make an emergency start? Good, low-cost auto insurance can make you feel more secure while on the road, but what happens if something goes wrong while you’re far away from home? These kinds of minor emergencies can happen at any time.

If you’re fit and healthy, then you are probably able to change one tire on your own. I had to do it once when I was healthier, at a time that I was completely dressed in white, including my shoes. I did it at the time but not today.

If your front tire is flat while driving and you notice changes in the steering. It’s likely to shift towards one side. In reality, if it’s an off-road tire, and when it is flat slowly you might not be aware that the tire is flat immediately. Sometimes, you can hear sounds similar to a helicopter flying over you. If you hear that sound and there’s no helicopter hovering around, you should examine your tires. If you drive for too long on a flat tire, you could damage the tire or even the wheel’s rim.

tire change master

What are you going to do if you get an empty tire?

It is sometimes possible to contact the tow truck. This might seem like a drastic reaction to a lot of you. However, there are occasions where it’s just not safe to replace the tire, like on the side of the highway when drivers are reckless and at high speed.

If you’re lucky, you may have a passerby stop to offer assistance in changing the tire. To avoid embarrassment, ensure you know where your tool and tire spare are. It’s fine to not be capable of changing tires; however, it’s not acceptable to not be aware of where your tools are, or even worse even, not have the correct ones.

Always carry emergency warnings inside the trunk of your vehicle as well as a safety vest. Make sure you use these. Some locations make these products mandatory however, even if they’re not mandatory, they’re still valuable to have.

If you’re sure that you’re not sure the best way to respond in this kind of situation, find someone else to guide you on how and then do some practice. There is often no one there to help. A good auto insurance policy can help with lots of benefits but isn’t able to help you change your tires.